About Us

About Us
Origin of White Collar Boxing

Boxing for many years has been one of the worlds leading sports for participation. People use boxing as a tool to achieve many goals not only the success in the boxing ring.

White Collar Boxing is a fast growing concept which encourages participation from all areas of society, allowing boxing fans worldwide just like you to have the greatest night of your life, following in the footsteps of your hero's by climbing into the boxing ring to have a fair competitive contest over 3 rounds.

White Collar Boxing originated from the legendary Gleason’s gym in New York during the late 1980's. The first contest was held between Dr. Richard Novak an attorney and Dr. David Lawrence who held a Phd. in English Literature. After the contest the two Gentlemen went to dinner to celebrate the birth of a new sport.

Safety Throughout IWA Boxing

At all IWA events; participants have the option of wearing AIBA approved protective head gear and are provided with 16oz gloves, there are also paramedics and a doctor at all events.

Due to the importance we put on the safety of our competitors, the attention to detail on each event we continue to produce events of the highest calibre in White Collar Boxing.

We match competitors based on size and ability. We pride our events on fair and even match making, adhering to all guidelines set out by IWA Boxing. For more information on rules and regulations visit our What’s involved? page.
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